More for Less

Gardening in small spaces.

Living with small outdoor spaces is becoming more and more common. Whatever small means to you, a pleasantly designed garden is still possible. In fact, small garden spaces offer great opportunities. See my galleries for some examples.

The trick to small gardens is creating visual spaciousness both through hardscaping and choosing plants that add a sense of abundance even in the tiniest spaces.

Think big and up and free yourself from limitations. Defining interest in any garden requires a few tricks. Here are a few:

Make distinctive areas. Create a theme connecting contrasting elements.

Build different elevations using steps, screens and patios. Trellises and arbors increase vertical interest.

Install pathways. Even a few stepping stones placed here and there become an invitation for entry.

Plan outdoor living spaces keeping in mind how you want to use your small garden.

Choose plants that won’t outgrow the space using slow growing plants and ones with small leaves.

Create softness with low ground covers. Open areas keep the garden from feeling cramped.

To find the perfect plant for your particular space is to consider mature size, bloom time and color, growing region and site conditions.

If you want to remove the guess work and increase your success rate, hire a garden designer to help!

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