Landscape Design

Creating a custom landscape begins with consultation. We ask about what you envision. This is not just about how your garden will look — it’s also about how you will use it. Do you need space for entertaining? Do you want bold seasonal color? Are you looking for a low-maintenance outdoor environment, or are you looking forward to making seasonal additions and changes? What about water usage?

Whether you are up for a challenge or want to minimize your work in the garden, thoughtful landscape design will enable you to get what you want from your outdoor spaces.


A few key issues come up again and again for our landscape design clients. Read some of these recent blog posts, and you’ll have a head start on our landscape design discussions:

One thought on “Landscape Design

  1. Hello Michael
    I’m building a new home in Gig Harbor and would very much like to work with someone to plan landscaping.
    Your name was given to me by a friend. I’ve never used a landscape architect before, so I don’t know how to proceed. Can you offer me briefly a description of the process and fee you charge?

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