Extend Summer Color with Perennials

Showy, Fall-blooming perennials extend summer color in the garden.

These garden mainstays flower reliable, year after year. Unlike annuals and biennials, which live for only a year or two, perennials are permanent plants that need only periodic division and replanting.  About as low maintenance as it gets! Some plants are evergreen; others die to the ground at the end of each season, and then reappear from the roots the following year.

After the dog days of summer, the landscape can begin to look a little peaked. Using fall-blooming perennials is a great way to extend a fresh splash of color until the first frost and beyond.  These robust specimens will extend the blooming cycle and can be planted among summer-blooming perennials and annuals for a seamless display of color that can last from early spring through November.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Echinacea  ‘Hot Paypaya’.  Rich, dark green foliage and large orange-red flowers atop stems up to 48″ high.  Full to part sun, drought tolerant.
  • Sedum spectabile ‘Neon’.  Sturdy Foliage capped with dark pink disks of tiny star-like flowers.  Full to part sun, drought tolerant.\
  • Asters (many, many cultivars).  Sturdy plants covered with small daisy-like flowers.  An array of growth habits and colors to choose from.  Full sun, drought tolerant.

Late summer is a great time to reevaluate the perennials in your garden. Choosing carefully can maximize bloom season and refresh the garden. Then, look to broad-leaf and coniferous evergreens for color, texture and structure come winter.

If you need more ideas, contact me for a design consultation and learn about the best plants for any spot in your garden!

Best Wishes,
Michael Muro

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