Winning Over Your Soil

Did you know that both you and your landscape could come out winners, even with the most difficult soil?  If you play to the strengths of your existing soil, your garden design will be easy to maintain and will combine beautifully with plants that are suitable for the Pacific Northwest.

But what if you have a specific interest that doesn’t correspond with the type of soil currently in your garden? What if it’s a cutting garden or the vision of a traditional English garden that would make you happy? Soil amendment is an option that can work if you have a maintenance plan to keep the soil fertile and healthy.

We consult with clients based on how they want to use their outdoor spaces and on their individual design visions.  Whether you are up for a challenge or want to minimize your maintenance, we believe that your landscaping should give you the win you need to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

after: interior court yard

Madison Park Court Yard,  Seattle WA

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