Fall Is Fine For Planting

WelchVignetteFall is fine for planting. Almost all plants and trees can be planted in fall, including turfgrass, spring blooming bulbs and cool season vegetables. (While you can plant spring blooming perennials in fall, you’ll probably want to wait until early spring, when the best selection of those plants shows up in garden stores and nurseries.)

The benefits of planting in the fall are many. Autumn’s cooler temperatures are easier on both plants and gardeners. And while the air is pleasantly cool, the soil is still warm, enabling roots to establish themselves before the ground freezes. When you plant in the spring, the plants don’t start to grow until the soil warms up. So by planting in the fall, you are way ahead. Plants with better-established root systems will also need less water next summer.

Typically, the fall rains take care of watering. But keep an eye on the rainfall. If it rains less than an inch per week, you’ll need to help out your plants with some deep watering.

Pests are less prevalent in the fall, so your plants get a healthy head start.

There’s no need to fertilize. Fertilizer can promote tender growth that can be damaged during a winter freeze.

Nurseries and garden centers are reducing the inventory for the winter, which means you can find some real bargains. Get out there and shop now! Keep in mind that the best window for planting ends about 4 weeks before the first heavy frost.

Don’t worry if you get a late start in the garden this fall. There are still many landscaping projects that can happen as long as the soil is not muddy or frozen. Now is a great time to beat the spring rush and get started on patios and walkways. Rainy days can make projects move a bit more slowly but they’ll still be completed well before spring.

The fallow season is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and think about the areas of your garden you’d like to change or enhance. Winter is an ideal time for garden planning.

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