Eye Catching Container Gardens

Container gardening is for everyone, whether you have a small balcony or extensive landscape. Large pots, small pots – they all add to any homes’ outdoor decor.

Container gardens do many things in the landscape:

  • Create focal points
  • Add a colorful welcome at the entrance to a home
  • Create temporary interest in an area that’s past its prime or hasn’t reached it yet
  • Grow plants that are not hardy so they can be moved outdoors or to a protected area during winter months

When planning a container or buying one already created, determine first where it will go and how it will be seen. Following are some guidelines:

  • Pots viewed from one side should have larger plants in the back
  • Pots viewed from all sides should have taller plants in the center
  • Vary leaf shapes, color and size for textural contrast and interest
  • Make sure all the foliage works together; not all plants may bloom at the same time
  • When using multiple containers, have some unifying features. Use similar pots, repeat the types of plants, or have a related color scheme

With spring upon us, revitalizing container gardens is a great way to welcome the season!

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