Tropical Treasures in Seattle

MMCannaEveryone knows that summer in the Pacific Northwest is paradise. But did you know that up here we can grow some plants that look like they are straight from the tropics? These exotic-looking flowering perennials thrive in full sun when temperatures soar.

Great tropical plants for the Seattle area

The bold and brazen Tropicana Lily with its branched flowers and big, multicolored leaves, will reach 7 feet in height and bloom until frost. Hardy Ginger, with its vertical stems, sports torch-like neon flowers that can be 10 inches in length. Others hot-and-spicy contenders include Dahlias with huge flowers, and Banana plants.

These stunners can be massed for maximum dramatic impact or used as an architectural focal point among other plants and flowers. Plant them in fertile soil rich with organic matter and keep them moist for awesome results this summer.

When to buy and plant tropical plants

Now is the best time to buy and plant mature plants for flowers this season. The rhizome type roots systems will survive all but the harshest Pacific Northwest winters. But even as a seasonal display they provide a big bang for the buck.

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