Mass Appeal

117d474abb1549b267055390436376e1Mass planting — using just one variety of plant — is an effective garden design tool, with many applications. You can used mass plantings to:

  • Create a relaxed atmosphere. This is especially true when you group plants that have a softening effect, such as large grasses. This aesthetic works at any scale, from an intimate courtyard garden to a grand estate landscape.
  • Make an unobtrusive backdrop for featured plants, hide undesirable views, or soften the front of a fence or building. Consider a hedgerow of large grasses as a more casual alternative to a formal clipped hedge.
  • At the edge of a patio or walkway, employ mass plantings to define space and create a clean look. Formal or informal, the grouped plants provide structure and a place for the eye to stop before a more complex planting.
  • Use informal mass plantings to set off focal features such as statuary, a water feature, or a colorful arrangement of more ornamental plantings and flowers.

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