May Plant Of The Month

For May, we’d like to introduce you to the ‘Homebush’ Azalea. Of the genus Rhododendron, it’s a Knapp Hill hybrid deciduous azalea. These hybrids are characterized by an upright, bushy form with thin, soft, grass-green foliage. It sports a pop of  bright fuchsia pink color for about a month in late spring — usually May.

One of its most stunning attributes is its round ball-like trusses of flowers. The flowers are held individually 'Homebush'on twiggy stems that jut out at an angle from main branches. When not in bloom, the ‘Homebush ‘is understated — perfect when situated behind lower growing Rhododendrons or evergreen plants with
more interesting foliage.

The old-fashioned ‘Homebush’ is an easy-to-maintain favorite, worthy of any collection.

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