Garden Planning: 2. The Big Picture

Barr concept sketchNow that you have chosen a garden style, the next step is to create the “big picture” for your new garden. You do this by defining key functional and aesthetic elements.

In this step you will be:

  • Conducting a site analysis (determining sun exposure, characteristics of the soil, etc.)
  • Creating a visual record
  • Taking measurements and drawing a scaled plot plan
  • Considering site conditions in a variety of situations (after heavy rain fall, after drought, under snow, in hot sun, on a windy day, and by season)
  • Projecting the growth of plantings and how growth will affect other elements over time

Your garden plan begins to take shape when these factors are analyzed and translated into structures and plantings that support the garden style.

Thoughtful big-picture planning ensures that landscaping project adds value to your home and enhances your quality of life through the year.

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