Summertime Watering

The driest months in the Pacific Northwest are July, August, September and sometimes October. Add June to the mix this year and it’s time to get a watering plan in place — whether your garden is drought tolerant or not.

Sun and heat combined will quickly erase any water reserves stored below the surface of the soil.  Fine-tuning your watering techniques will not only conserve water but also will create healthier plants and extend your garden’s good looks through the summer. Some plants only need to dry out once in hot sun for it to be fatal.

Tips for watering:

  • Get water to the bottom of the root zone. This promotes drought tolerance by encouraging roots to go deep in the soil, instead of staying on the surface where they can dry out quickly. After a few tries, you’ll know how long the water needs to run.
  • Always water during the cooler part of the day to lessen evaporation (except for mildew-prone plants). I prefer watering at night. The water cools the leaves and sits on the foliage all night. Keep in mind that plants also take in water through their leaves
  • Make sure you mulch around the plants. Use at least 2 inches of mulch.
  • Plant densely so the sun can’t overheat exposed soil and injure the plant roots underneath.

As your landscape matures and plants become well established, you’ll be able to cut back the frequency of watering.

Contact us to learn about water-wise gardens and the choosing the best plant for any location.