Six Ways Your Garden Can Help Sell Your House

The benefit of making simple landscape updates is that, even if you decide not to sell your home, you benefit from the results in the meantime. Not long ago, I placed a large, sculptural potted evergreen, prominently in my front yard.  Whether or not its beauty contributes to a higher selling price for my home, it creates great curb appeal and I, and my neighbors and guests, enjoy it every day.

So, what kinds of landscape upgrades can make your entire home, more appealing?

  1. Start with the basics: remove overgrown shrubs and trees.  These can make your lot look smaller than it is and dwarf your house or hide desirable views. Place colorful pots of flowering annuals or evergreens near the front door, ensuring that your home feels welcoming.
  2. Big ticket items like ponds and waterfalls are not safe bets for adding value to a home, but if you love them they are worth the investment and the quality of life.  So put those in when you buy! However, people always enjoy the sound of gently running water, so a small fountain can add a lot of ambiance without a much cost.
  3. When fixing up your outdoor areas, don’t just consider how the garden looks from a curb appeal perspective, but also how the layout appeals to someone standing inside  looking out. Decide on captivating garden vignettes, such as clusters of colorful potted plants and arrange them within the windows line of sight.  Attractive views always distract from any negatives aspects you might want to play down.
  4. Short on ideas, time, and money? Get help.  A landscape designer familiar with garden staging, can help you create a prioritized list of  options that will increase the overall appeal of your home and give you pointers for getting the biggest return on your investment.

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