Six Easy Ways Your Garden Will Add Value To Your Home

When you want to sell your house, the usual tasks are cleaning out the closets, getting rid of clutter, repainting chipped kitchen cabinets. Many people also hire a professional stylist or “stager” to fine-tune the décor. But what about the outside?
Look at those overgrown hedges, the weeds in the backyard, and overgrown borders? Creating a garden that increases resale value takes meticulous planning.

So, what kinds of upgrades can make your outdoor living space more appealing whether you selling, buying or staying?

  1. Start with the basics: remove overgrown or failing shrubs and trees that take up valuable real estate and make your property seem smaller. Replace or remove rotting fences or barriers.
  2. Weed beds, trim ground cover and “top dress” with dark mulch. Place evergreens and pots of flowering annuals near the front door making your home feel more welcoming.
  3. Big ticket items like ponds, waterfalls, and swimming pools typically do not add value to a home according to the National Gardening Association. However, people enjoy the sound of gently running water, so a small fountain can add some outside sparkle at a minimal cost.
  4. Consider how the garden looks from a curb appeal perspective, but also how the layout appeals to someone standing inside your home and looking out. Look out of your home’s windows and decide on lovely garden vignettes, such as clusters of colorful potted plants. Arrange these within the window’s line of sight to draw the eye to a tempting view.
  5. Simple tasks like keeping walkways swept and power-washed, razor-sharp edges on lawns and neatly trimmed borders create a cared-for appearance without costing much.
  6. Short on ideas, time, and money? Contact a landscape designer who can help you create a prioritized list of options that will increase the overall appeal of your home. A good landscape designer will give you pointers for getting the biggest return on your investment.

The benefit of simple landscaping updates is that you benefit from the results right away. I always tell clients to update their landscape when they move in, not out. Take advantage of time and growth creating an established look. This is the most valuable thing you can do. Last summer, I planted Salvia, Geum, and Agapanthus plants in a sunny spot in my own garden; whether or not their beauty contributes to a higher selling price for my home, their joyful appearance makes me happy, which is priceless.

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