Plant waterwise plants and love the results this summer!

Many people have work and family commitments that leave them without time to regularly keep up with watering. Vacations and business travel can see gardens untended for a couple of weeks at a time, and long days at work can turn into dried gardens at home.

Gardens need watering on a changing basis depending on the time of year and also on the characteristics of the garden. If your garden has fast-draining sandy soil, a southwest exposure or is exposed to high winds, it can be especially susceptible to dry weather periods. Also, newer landscapes will need supplemental water during the first one or two years before they start to establish and grow deep roots. Irrigation systems provide options to manage these situations. They range from soakers to programmable systems with automatic rain sensors and timers. These save time and also make it easier to ask friends and neighbors to help with watering when you are not available.

If you like the idea of conserving water in general, you can also design drought tolerant gardens by selecting species that are adapted to the Pacific Northwest. Many native plants can survive the hot, dry spells along with the range of soggy to freezing climate variations that we have throughout the year. To keep the design palette interesting, drought tolerant plants from other regions as well as some exotic annual varieties add color and interest.

Let me know if you want to consider options for summer gardens, and we can discuss perfect plants and other options to keep your outdoor spaces fresh and enjoyable.


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