Garden Planning: 1. Choosing a Garden Style

What is “style” in a garden? How do you relate abstract design concepts to the plot of land behind your house?

With so many practical considerations to take into account, the art lies in making sure that each element in your garden works as part of a single, overarching design. A piecemeal approach, with haphazard features and ill-considered materials, is likely to have disappointing results.

Styles of gardens include urban, suburban, rural, and gardens designed around certain focal features of the property (such as a pond or hillside). You might also have a garden designed around functions such as vegetable gardening, entertaining, or family recreation.

In upcoming blog posts I will discuss the key elements to consider when choosing a style and designing a garden in that style — elements that include location, climate, site and aspect, soil and function (how you plan to use the space).

Are you ready to remove the guesswork and increase your success rate with functional elements, plantings and garden features? Contact us to learn more about garden planning, landscape design, and solutions for challenging sites.



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