March Plant Of The Month

For March we’d like to introduce you to Tsuga canadensis ‘Abbott’s Pygmy’, also known as the Abbott’s Pygmy Miniature Canadian Hemlock.

This little dreamboat is in the same genus as the sky-high Canadian Hemlock, but, by contrast, miniature. It reaches only about 12 inches in diameter over several years. This is one Hemlock that will never outgrow its place in the garden.

Its form is an irregular, bun-shaped mound with tiny, shiny needles — like the rest of the genus, but smaller.

Abbott’s Pygmy is the jewel of a miniature garden,  rock garden, or anywhere it can be viewed in close proximity. It thrives in humus rich soil with good drainage, but should not be allowed to dry out. Plant where it will be sheltered from afternoon sun.

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